Are there different types of Phenq?

are-there-different-types-of-phenqPhenQ is a special medicinal pill that is aimed for significant losses in the body weight. It is not exactly the same as Phen375, another popular weight loss pill, as these two pills differ in their functional activities. Both PhenQ and Phen375 are known as an effective fat burner, energy booster, mood improver and the suppressant of appetite.

But there are some basic differences in the functional nature of these two pills, as per the clinical study. Phenq fat burner stimulates the body cells to store a much lesser amount of fats, as well as it decreases the intake of foods by suppressing the hunger of the user, with the timely regulation of the blood sugar levels in the body. Moreover, it enhances the overall metabolic and the thermogenic activities of the body, which result in faster dissolve of the stored fats of the body. It is found by clinical research that around 7.24% of the total fat content can be dissolved in 5 months’ time. PhenQ also contains a special LACYS RESET technology, by which the natural oxidation process of the body can be lessened, by destroying the harmful free radicals of the body.

On the other hand, Phen375 just increases the metabolism of the body, resulting in excess physical energy, which the user can utilize in working out much more and reduce his/her body weight. This pill also works for decreasing the depression that the user may experience during the procedure of weight loss. It also suppresses the cravings for more food intake, by producing a feeling of a full stomach.

While Phen375 claims to reduce 3-5 lbs of weight per week; the PhenQ fat burner can decrease only 1-2 lbs of body weight, as it mainly aims at dissolving the amount of the extra fats and also build up stronger new muscles in the body. Both the pills contain certain amount of caffeine, thus cannot be taken by those people, who have any sort of problem with caffeine intake. Both these pills cannot be given to the patients suffering from any sort of hepatic or cardiac problems; thus the attending doctor should be consulted before start using these weight loss products.

Both these weight loss pills are known to have very rare instances of any side effects, which means that they are absolutely safe for use. The scientifically researched ingredients and the affordable prices have largely contributed to the popularity of both PhenQ and Phen375. The people who once used it, reorder for these products again and again for keeping their bodies slim

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